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Eco Quality - Eco Hotel



Eco-Quality Mark for tourist accomodation structures.


The MQA  ( eco-quality mark ) is accorded by the National Park of Cinque Terre to the accommodation structures whose sensitive approach to the delicate problems posed by the environment protection matches the will to offer tourists impeccable service and transparent price offers. Our structure has embraced enthusiastically the criteria required to achieve the eco-quality mark. Some details...


Energy saving.


Nine encased floor lights throw warm beams with fascinating effect on the walls of the little houses; they are special spots bearing iodide bulbs of 35 W. The 10 path markers are double-faced minisparks fed by electronic fluorescent lamps of 11 W. All embedded lights on the stairs and on the dry walls are compact fluorescent bodies of 7W.

In the rooms, ceiling lights, wall lights and lamp-shades are fed by energy saving bulbs.

In the laundry room, appliances are class AA.

In the reception, all appliances are Star-Energy marked.

Hot water is supplied by a gas boiler whose thermostat grants constant water temperature at 40 degrees (50% energy saving)

The A/Csystem ( Inverter type ) is the most technologically advanced
( 30% energy saving ).


Water saving.


This aim is pursued in a variety of manners:

First of all, free running water is channelled and utilized for the needs of the laundry, cleaning purposes and gardening.

The gas boiler is devised to recycle water for immediate supply of hot water to the rooms. The Groe mixers in all rooms contribute to further water saving.

Clients are kindly guided to reduce water waste both directly ( by correct use of the amenities ) and indirectly ( by notices placed in bathrooms inviting to limit in a sensible way towel changes ).


Waste collection.


All waste and trash produced by the House activity are selectively disposed of in different containers. Bags of different colours are used to differentiate the collection. Every day they are moved to the containers provided by the local authority.

Clients are invited to dispose of recyclable objects in the appropriate containers.


Biological cleaning aids and recycled paper.


All cleaning/washing powders and detergents used in laundry, rooms and common spaces are eco-labeled.

Toilet paper as well  as office paper are recycled.


Biological food.


At breakfast various brands of biological products, preferably local, are offered to clients.

Fresh fruit: locally produced, tasty and genuine, not chemically treated.


Dry stone walls.


Hundreds of meters of dry walls, typical of the landscape of Cinque Terre, which had collapsed, have been restored utilizing only local stone and nothing else thanks to the loving care and knowledge of an old craftsman who rebuilt them stone over stone. Olive trees and fruit trees too have been saved.




Prices and services offered are absolutely transparent. Price lists are clearly legible, in the reception and in our Internet site.


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