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Reach Riomaggiore by car:

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Get off the the A12 highway at La Spezia (Santo Stefano Magra).

... turn left to La Spezia.
A main road (tangenziale, part of the Autostrada) takes you straight into town.

It ends at Viale Italia. Turn on this busy, main street in the direction of Cinque Terre or Portovenere (you will see signs). The town will be on your right and the port on your left.
Keep driving with the water on your left until you are forced to take a sharp right. Continue in Viale Amendola, a wooded avenue, keep the left hand, and then turn left when you will see traffic-lights. Follow the signs to Portovenere and Cinque Terre.


In a short time, you will see other traffic-lights, keep the right and go up a ramp-like road.
From this point it is 14 km to Riomaggiore.



Follow this panoramic road as it winds up over the hill and then down the other side to the Cinque Terre.

Get off from this road when you see the sign to Riomaggiore. It is a very narrow road that creeps along the edge of a cliff. You drive straight on and you will see the town under you and a car-park on your right.

Now the road makes a straight descent.
Look on your left and after abt 15 mt. you will see our sign “Cinqueterre Residenza” with our logo: a blue seagull.

Here is our upper gate.

Go down some steps and you will find the reception.

If you are carrying heavy luggage, advise the recption and we will provide a luggage-lift to bring it down.



If avaible open reserved parking spaces are located close the hotel upper gate or in a garage (not recommended for larger vehicles) by the Riomaggiore parking lot.

The price is Euro 10/day.

Picture 1: La Spezia motor-way exit.

Picture 2: The crossroad
Picture 3: La Spezia
Picture 4: Viale Amendola
Picture 5: road S.S. 370
Picture 6: La Spezia gulf
Picture 7: Riomaggiore sign
Picture 8: Residence superior gate



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