How to reach Riomaggiore by train:



When you leave the train station, make a sharp right and walk past the two large murals on the stone wall.

Near the station, by the National Park Point is available the “Cinque Terre Card” which enables a lot of services, included the use of electric buses circulating inside the centres of the villages of the Cinque Terre. .
Continue bearing to the right until you see the entrance to a tunnel. Walk through the tunnel. (The tunnel is parallel to the train tracks and will take you to the main street of the village).

At the end of the tunnel, you will see a street going up the hill with shops on both sides. Near the Bank (Banca Carige) you will find the stop of a green bus.

The bus leaves every 20 minutes and you have to ask the driver to stop by yhe higher gate of the Cinqueterre Residence. This way you will arrive at the hotel in a few minutes.

Go downstairs and you will find the reception.

If you carry heavy or builky luggage, advice the reception and we will provide to bring them down by a goods-lift.

If you prefer to walk, it takes abt. 10 minutes. Follow the street upward until you come to a small piazza (Compagnia) with a little Church (Oratorio) and on your right a small hotel, Locanda della Compagnia.
In the corner between the Church and the Locanda della Compagnia are some stone steps.
This is via De Battè. Walk up the stairs, following them upward as the pathway turns right and then turn right again.
continue upward, looking for house numbers on the left wall. After you pass 61 via De Battè, take the next set of steps going up to the left.

Then, after you pass 65 and 65B via De Battè, take the next set of steps going up to the left. You are almost there! Continue upward, bearing to the right as you go.


You will see the lower gate of the Residence.

In any case, ring us if you have any problem.
Picture 1: Train station

Picture 2: National Park Point
Picture 3: The tunnel
Picture 4: Riomaggiore centre
Picture 5: Riomaggiore, compagnia piazza.
Picture 6: stone steps near via De Battè
Picture 7: De Battè the tunnel
Picture 8: Via De Battè 61
Picture 9: last steps
Picture 10: Residence lower gate






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