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Cinque Terre Paths

The paths are the ideal way to familiarize with and fully enjoy the rare beauties of the 5 Lands. Over the centuries and still until recently, these paths were the only link between the 5 villages.
Enchanting landscapes between sky and sea open up to the walker who follows narrow strips of beaten earth and climbs centuries-old steps sneaking among olive-trees and vineyards, always backed by the Mediterranean shrubs with the contrasting vivid colours of ginestras and other indigenous flouring shrubs.

The road of " Santuari " in highly panoramic locations, one for each village, the Santuari mark the road over the hills: N.S. of Soviore above Monterosso, Madonna di Reggio over Vernazza, San Bernardino over Corniglia, the ancient Romanesque Church of Madonna della Salute over Manarola and Madonna di Montenero over Riomaggiore.


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Track n. 1 - Longitudinal over the hills (Red Path)
Portovenere - Levanto 12 hours.
Portovenere - Campiglia 2 hours.
Campiglia - Telegrafo 1 hour.
Telegrafo - Sella La Croce 1 hour.
Sella La Croce - La Cigoletta 1 hour 40 min.
La Cigoletta - Drignana 2 hours.
Drignana - Soviore 1 hour.
Soviore-S.Antonio-Levanto 2 hours 30 min.
The track starts at Portovenere with steps flanking the Castle's walls, climbs up rapidly to Sella Derbi, keep upwards with breathtaking views of the coast until it reaches Campiglia (382 m.) and through a beautiful landscape of pinetrees featuring an open well equipped exercise area joins the Colle del Telegrafo (516 m.)
Continuing sweetly uphill amongst Mediterranean vegetation, the track arrives at the Bramapane fork, then leads to Valico La Croce where it starts to climb again among chestnut and pine trees overlooking the coast, and passing the two Selle del Marvede, reaches the Sella della Cigoletta (605 m.)
From here, up to Mont Gaginara (800 m.), the highest point between Portovenere and Levanto. Now the track twish down to Termine, where it loses itself into the main road which, passing the Santuario of Soviore, leads to Colle di Gritta (330 m.)
Here, after crossing the square with a coffee-shop, some steps lad to a pine-tree forest and the path continues over the hills dominating the coast (views of Monterosso and Levanto) until it reaches Sella di Punta Mesco from where one enjoys stupendous views.
The path then climbs down to end in Levanto, in the promenade under the Castle.
Track n. 2 Longitudinal at sea-level (Blue Path)
Riomaggiore - Monterosso 4 hours 30 m.
Riomaggiore - Manarola 20 m.
Manarola - Corniglia 1 hour.
Corniglia - Vernazza 1 hour 30 m.
Vernazza - Monterosso 2 hours.
From the square of the Rail Station in Riomaggiore, following the Via dell'Amore (Path of Love), in 20 minutes the path takes to Manarola, where it starts to climb slightly, then flattens up and reaches the Rail Station of Corniglia. Here, step steps reach the village (1 hour) where the track starts again and for a long while keeps at the same level above the sea; then, with some difficult points to negotiate carefully, climbs down to Vernazza (1 h. 30 min.). From Vernazza the longest and most tricky part of the track (great care and attention are needed) leads up to 180 m. above the sea, then plunges down …….towards Monterosso (2 hours).
Transversal Tracks (Green Path)
3 Riomaggiore - Telegrafo
1 hour and 40 minutes
3a Riomaggiore - Telegrafo
1 hour e 40 minutes
4 Biassa - Schiara
2 hour e 15 minutes
4b Fossola - Campiglia
1 hour e 20 minutes
4c Fossola - S. Antonio
1 ora
01 Riomaggiore - Sella La Croce
2 hour e 15 minutes
02 Manarola - Innesto n. 1
2 hour
6 Manarola - Aia del Cane
2 hour e 30 minutes
6d Volastra - Cse Pianca
1 hour
7 Vernazza - La Cigoletta
2 hour e 20 minutes
8 Vernazza - Foce di Drignana
1 hour e 30 minutes
8b Madonna di Reggio - Il Termine
1 hour e 30 minutes
9 Monterosso - Madonna di Soviore
1 hour e 30 minutes
10 Monterosso - S. Antonio
1 hour
12 Colla di Gritta - Levanto
40 minutes







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